creating smiles on implants

Fixed teeth in one day:
through a digital workflow, the Alto Dental team places implants and a permanent, provisional dental bridge on the same day.

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A unique concept for teeth on implants

1 team

With us, you will find an implantologist, dentist and dental lab all in one place. This combined expertise results in a concise treatment plan which offers precise and reliable prosthetic results.

1 point of contact

After we openly discuss the options available to you, we will detail a transparent price offer for the entire process. Furthermore, you can contact us at every stage for any of your queries.


At the end of the day, you can smile on your way home with your newly fixed, provisional prosthesis. Thanks to digital planning, precise in-house production and rapid placement, you’ll undergo a minimal amount of pain and discomfort.

How do we work?

Alto Dental strives to restore patients’ confidence and quality of life by helping patients obtain new permanent teeth. We do this through a time-saving and innovative process. Consequently, it will save you from having to suffer long, expensive and painful procedures.

Thanks to our extensive preparation and the in-house production of the prostheses, you will receive a provisional, fixed bridge on implants on the same day as the surgery itself.

Discover our way of working


Alto Dental only offers treatments on implants. The advantages of such an artificial root? Your healthy teeth are spared. While they are treated in classical methods.

Dental implants also stop the breakdown of your jaw bone, so in the long run they are the most advantageous choice.

Our solutions

All expertise bundled

The Alto Dental team consists of implantologists, dentists and dental technicians, who all share the same mission: to aid people by providing them with new, permanent teeth on implants in a swift and painless manner.

As everything is handled within the same team and completed using an innovative digital protocol, we can present to you, as a patient, transparent prices and a clear timing of the treatment. 

You can also work with your own dentist and for the aftercare with your dental hygienist. We are happy to guide them through our digital process.

Meet the team

Specialisation offers a huge benefit to the patient

Frank Vanhove
Oral, maxillofacial and facial surgeon specialised in implantology

Alto Dental’s unique way of working

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