What is all-on-4?

In this concept, a complete fixed bridge of 10 or 12 teeth is placed on 4 implants. The posterior implants are deliberately placed obliquely in the bone in order to avoid important structures, such as the sinus in the maxilla or the mandibular nerve. This position increases the mutual spread between the implants and thereby improves the anchoring of the fixed bridge. Usually, the natural bone that is still present is sufficient because the implants are placed obliquely with an all-on-4. In this case, an additional bone build-up is not necessary.

All-on-4 can be combined with immediate tooth placement

This is called 'immediate loading'. As a result, you are given a fixed bridge on the day of the procedure. Loose temporary teeth during the ingrowth (‘osseointegration’) of the implants are then no longer necessary. Do all your remaining teeth need replacing or are you already wearing fully removable dentures? If your answer is yes, you may be eligible for this technique.

The All-on-4 concept can be used in both the upper and lower jaw. It is a highly reliable surgical technique that has already been applied to more than 250,000 patients worldwide.

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