Regain self-confidence and quality of life with new permanent teeth

Thanks to fully digital planning and production of the permanent teeth, you will receive your provisional permanent bridge on the same day as the procedure itself.


Personal interview

In a relaxed environment, you will be able to express your wishes with one of our experts. After a 3D-scan and a clinical examination, we will suggest options that are feasible for you, as well as the preceding treatment steps and price.


Digital measurements

After you make your choice, an appointment follows, during which all measurements are taken that are necessary for the placement of the implants and for the production of your permanent teeth.



Under general anaesthesia, your remaining teeth are removed and the implants are placed. Upon awakening, you will have fixed, provisional teeth.


Permanent prosthesis

After three months, you will return to receive your permanent teeth. Adjustments in shape, colour and bite are very easy to determine thanks to our digital process. 



Consistent oral hygiene and regular check-ups will optimise the life of your teeth and implants. Separate from your dentist, we can also provide this service.

The main benefits

Surgery and fixed prosthesis in one day

Minimal pain and discomfort

One team, one point of contact

Transparent prices and treatment processes

Aftercare to achieve an optimal lifespan for your prosthesis

Alto Dental’s unique way of working

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